Let us do your part for the reef

Coral Conservation Indonesia is a non-profit foundation under a legal name Yayasan Konservasi Karang Bahari Indonesia (KKBI) that operates in Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia

Let us do your part for the reef​


The coral reefs is covering of the global ocean's surface but hosts 30 of the marine biodiversity. Our Mission is to rebuild and protect our reef, treasure for our country and gift back to the planet. We are operating on damaged reefs to bring them to life and assure the conservation of the restored places in collaboration with local coastal populations.


February 2023 update

After a couple of years of anxious waiting, we finally able to go to Mansuar and check on the progress of our work. We are proud and happy to present to you the result of our work. The coral reef are expanding and healthy. Our next project is to expand this area even more as well as creating a learning ground for tourist and reef lovers when they reached Raja Ampat.

We will never be able to get this far without your donations and support. Salute to all donators from the bottom of our hearts. Together we can make a huge impact on the ocean that we all love and cherish. 

Donate now and let us do your part for the reef!